Uptown Kids Behind the Scenes

Posted on November 18 2011 by Cooper Ross

When Gary and Carolyn Goldman, owners of Uptown Kids, approached us about a 2011 Christmas season commercial they made it very clear we were one of several production companies being interviewed for the job. To be honest, I had never heard of the store but that’s no surprise considering I typically have my face glued to a monitor in one of our editing bays or I’m out filming a project. It’s not always easy coming up with a creative concept for a production but after meeting with the owners and touring the store I knew this was going to be a perfect fit for our production company.

Uptown Kids is located in the Classen Curve in Oklahoma City, an upscale shopping center with strikingly unique architecture and original landscapes, the likes of which have never been seen in our state before…or even the country. With Chesapeake Energy being a powerful engine behind the development and the overall good condition of our local economy, it’s no surprise to see this area exploding with success.

Uptown Kids is a high-end children’s store specializing in clothing, shoes, accessories, gear and fine art. The store was featured on the cover and in an 8-page spread of Interior Design magazine. For those of you who don’t know, being featured in Interior Design is a huge deal, let alone making the cover. The striking black-and-white grid design - evoking frames for the clothing "art" - was the idea of one of the most well acclaimed architects and interior designers in the Midwest, Rand Elliott of Elliott & Associates. The store has since charmed its way into several other design and architecture publications around the world. Uptown Kids also utilizes a very talented graphic designer, Rachel Shingleton of Rachel Shingleton Design for their website and graphics.

This video news release was produced by The Gooden Group.

With an amazing looking store designed by a heavy-hitter architect, a stellar set of graphics by Rachel and two weeks to complete the entire production we began working on a creative concept and storyboard that not only followed their established brand and marketed the store to potential customers, but held up to the high production value one would expect from such an acclaimed store. Insight Visual Media is the new kid on the block. We’re not the biggest production company in town but we pride ourselves on being one of the best. That being said, we have never produced a commercial of this nature before so naturally when Uptown Kids chose us as their production company they were taking a leap of faith. 

Due to time constraints and the large amount of product being used, among other factors, we decided to film the entire commercial on location. We used 5500K lighting to supplement the naturally diffused light coming from the windows at the front of the store. Two days of filming kids is stressful, exhausting and totally rewarding. I want to personally thank all the kids and parents who participated. The undisputed star on set was little Elijah Mason, son of former OSU basketball star and ten-year NBA veteran Desmond Mason and his wife Andrea. The shot at the end of the commercial was Elijah just being Elijah. We didn’t have to coach him or anything. Just stick that kid in front of a camera and he’ll kill all the ladies with his smile.

You might not know that Mason is an accomplished artist and was a studio art major at OSU. Since leaving college Mason has spent his time using his artistic talents to benefit others. He’s held an Annual Art Show for 6 consecutive years raising over $250,000 for charity. Among other artists, some of his work is displayed and available for purchase at Uptown Kids. In fact his daughter, Jada, is holding one of his paintings in the commercial. You can read more about his art career here.



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