The Making of Sunrise Arcadia

Posted on September 01 2011 by Cooper Ross

Running a production company pretty much means you get to be creative all the time. In fact, as artists our brains never really stop churning out creative ideas and pondering how to advance our skills beyond their current level.

Sunrise Arcadia was an opportunity for us to let loose a little and push some of our gear to the limit. Over the course of a week we shot several different time-lapse sequences between the hours of 5:30am – 7:30am out at Lake Arcadia in Edmond, Oklahoma.

As you might have read from one of my previous blogs we’ve been bracketing most of our time-lapses so we can pull out more dynamic range through a process called tone-mapping in post. While this process isn’t new and we’re certainly not the only artists doing it, we’re relatively sure we’re the only dudes dumb enough to shoot underwater motorized HDR sequences in a hamster cage. Yes, that’s right. We’re shoving a 5D and an L series lens under water in a hamster cage we stole from the Mathis Brothers.

Since there would be no way to actually submerge the entire Dynamic Perception dolly we decided to build an apparatus that would submerge an under-hanging camera while shielding the dolly motor from splashes. We were somewhat happy with the results but we’re confident our next version will work much better. We could always drop a couple G’s on an Aqua Tech housing but that would be way too easy. 

So that looks cool and all but what's the point? If you’re a homebuilder consider using these beautiful high dynamic range shots of your show homes in your video marketing materials. If you’re a director of economic development or visitors bureau chief consider the impact these high quality visuals will have in your marketing materials. In fact, we’re currently using this equipment and technology on several economic development related projects for various communities.


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